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Accounting Services

Connect Professional Accounting Services is the procedure by which financial information about a business is summarized, interpreted, noted, classified, and communicated. Growing a business in these challenging times means knowing far more than where you have already been or what this week’s cash flow looks like. You need the power to use today’s numbers to spot opportunities, uncover problems, benchmark against competitors, even out cash flow, minimize tax liability, prevent payroll nightmares and present the best business case to loan officers and investors. That’s why success takes a new approach to Accounting — and why Connect Professional can make such a difference to your future. Bring in an entire accounting service team a client can trust to know your business and protect your interests. As an independent corporation, we are familiar with the accounting needs and desires of high growth, fast paced companies. We apply a significant amount of our time to learn your business, to understand how precisely we can be of aid to you. This includes the writing up of accounts and the preparation of financial statements. It encompasses a wide area ranging from simple Book keeping to finalization of accounts. Our Financial accounting service consists of Book-keeping services, Book-writing services and Finalization of accounts.

Book-keeping Services:

Connect Professional makes it easy and affordable!  Whether your books are a mess or you just want a smarter way to manage your back office, your Connect Professional consultant will handle everything for you. Plus, instead of putting your books in the hands of a single accountant — and risking delays, errors, inconsistency, and even “sticky fingers” — your books will be handled by your own dedicated team of highly certified and trusted professional accountants.

Book-writing Services:

Whether you are launching a new business or already have an established business Connect Professional can offer you a convenient book-writing solution. We provide with easy access to qualified, seasoned accountant and accounting professionals without you ever having to hire them. Even if you own an established business and your in-house accountant is not sufficiently qualified or is not able to keep pace with the increase in work flow, we can provide the most effective book-writing services at cost-effective rates.

Finalisation of Accounts:

At the end of every financial year, the entire year’s performance report is depicted by the final accounts. Useful as they are, it is highly important to seek expert assistance in accounts finalization, as one puny mistake can change the entire report. Therefore, to assist you in final accounts preparation, we extend our professional services. We have a team of specialized accounts professionals who know accounts finalization inside out. The profit and loss account, trial balance and balance sheet are very carefully prepared by our team. Our experts ensure that an exact and absolute report reaches you depicting the clear status. This service includes: Sales accounting, Purchase accounting, Service accounting, General expense accounting, Inventory accounting, Asset accounting, Investment accounting, Payroll accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash reconciliation, Bank account reconciliation, Supplier/customer reconciliation, Internal transfers account reconciliation, Financial statements analysis and consolidation, Management reporting, etc.


Audit Support Services

In today's complex environment, an audit is integral to corporate success and transparency and stewardship is more important than ever. We work between clients and auditors to improve their overall reporting processes required for different audits thereby saving their valuable time and cost. We can also assist in finalizing professionals for these assurance services. This service includes: Tax  Audit, VAT Audit, Service Tax Audit, Revenue Audit, Concurrent Audit, Cost Audit, Statutory Audit, Special Audit, Stock Audit, Internal Audit, Management Audit, Due Diligence Audit, Information or System Audit, Certification, etc.


Income Tax Services

Includes wide spectrum of deliverables that can be handled efficiently only by experts. This includes intelligent analysis of financial data that would be used by government agencies, investors, lenders, tax service consultants, etc. in allocating resources to various heads. Connect Professional is the leading tax consulting services provider and helps individuals as well as big corporate clients in calculating  their liabilities and profits. We have a team of seasoned tax consultants who will provide you valuable tips about your legitimate liabilities and increasing your savings & profits.

PAN And TAN Services:

Obtaining a PAN and TAN number many a times creates lots of problems. Often it becomes more complex when someone misplaces or if any kind of changes are required. In such a scenario having someone to take care of your PAN and TAN related work becomes pertinent. We at Connect Professional focus on delivering hassle free service with utmost diligence.

IT Return Filing Services:

Connect Professional’s processes enables clients to file a Preparer prepared Tax return right from the desktop, by a click of the mouse, using PAN number and Password provided created on the IT department’s website. We also offer end to end customized solutions in form of convenient packages, that lets our clients, just submit the required details, and the rest is handled by us. It includes preparation of the return, filing the return using our network of agents or client’s digital signature. Our Tax professionals are trained to compute taxes on all the 5 sources of Income i.e. Income from Salary, House Property, Business and Profession, Capital Gains, and Income from Other sources.

TDS Return Filing Services:

We provide ETDS filing related services. Tax deducted at source is one of the modes of collecting Income-tax from the assesse in India. Such collection of tax is effected at the source when income arises or accrues. Hence where any specified type of income arises or accrues to any one, the Income-tax Act enjoins on the payer of such income to deduct a stipulated percentage of such income by way of Income-tax and pay only the balance amount to the recipient of such income. The tax so deducted at source by the payer, has to be deposited in the Government treasury to the credit of Central Govt. within the specified time. The tax so deducted from the income of the recipient is deemed to be payment of Income-tax by the recipient at the time of his assessment. Income from several sources is subjected to tax deduction at source. E-TDS returns are prepared in form No. 24, 26 or 27. As per our Govt. of India Income Tax Act all government and corporate deductors and collectors are required to file their TDS (Income Tax Deducted At Source) returns on electronic media. We provide you service in preparation of e-TDS Quarterly returns.

IT Consultancy Services:

Effective Tax planning is an important feature to financial success for businesses. Connect Professional’s team of experts helps you to reduce your tax bill. Financial/Tax planning services help businesses grow by calculating the taxes properly and also at the same time give you suggestions in order to plan your finances in the best possible way. The tax laws are the same, no matter what size the corporate taxpayer. The difference is the ability of the business firms to use legal technicalities and interpretations to their advantage. Our services help businesses to arrange their operations for best to take advantage of strategies that would result in a lower tax bill. We understand each client’s situation and then apply our knowledge of the changing tax rules to plan the best business and personal decisions. Our professionals are expertized in attending hearing before the Assessment and Appellate authorities, handling search, survey and seizure cases.

VAT And CST Services

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a multi-point tax on value addition which is collected at different stages of sale with a provision for set-off for tax paid at the previous stage/tax paid on inputs. This is applicable to intra-state sales.

Central Sales Tax (CST) is same as VAT and is applicable for Inter-state sales only.

VAT and CST is an indirect tax and is collected from someone other than the person who actually bears the cost of the tax. The customer pays for it but is collected from the seller. It is basically a tax on the value addition on the product. The burden of tax is ultimately born by the consumer of goods. In many aspects it is equivalent to last point sales tax. It covers: Assistance in Registration procedures, Assistance in maintenance of Records and Registers, Assistance in Monthly and Annual Returns, Staff Training, Advice on Accounting, Consultancy on Retainer-ship, Assistance in claiming input credits, Assistance in approaching the Commissioner to seek appropriate relief and Tax Assessment etc.


Service Tax Services

Firms or organizations which offer different kind of services are liable to pay Service Tax to the Govt. of India. Through our hands on experience and knowledge, we are able to guide and offer comprehensive consultancy services to our clients in the areas of Service Tax. It is mandatory for various scheduled companies to pay to the government in lieu of services offered by them. Registering a company for the payment of service tax is a tiresome process. Legal complexity and the intricacy of documents involved in it want professional knowledge of the field to deal with them efficiently. This Service includes: Registration  procedures, Staff  Training, Assistance in Refund, Advise on Accounting, Maintenance of Registers and Records, Half-yearly returns, Assistance in claiming input credits, Advisory services with regard to liasoning of  authorities.

Profession Tax Services

Profession tax is a state level tax in india on professions, trades, callings and employments. Profession tax is applicable both on individuals & organizations, society, club, association of persons, corporation or any other corporate body as per different provisions of various state acts. This Service includes: Registration procedure, Staff Training, Assistance in Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Returns, Advise on Accounting, Maintenance of Registers and Records, Advisory services with regard to liasoning of authorities, etc.


Luxury tax Services

Luxury tax is also a state level tax levied under various state acts. The tax is levied on hotels, lodging house, clubs and Inn etc. for providing residential accommodation. Luxury Tax is levied at different rates. This service includes: Getting luxury tax registration, Consultancy on matters related to luxury tax, Preparation and filing of monthly, quarterly and yearly luxury tax returns, Appearing for luxury tax Assessments, Assistance on maintenance of Accounts, Filing and pleading appeals wherever necessary, etc.

Labour Law Services

It is easy to recruit an employee but difficult to dispense with his service. The Indian Labour Laws provide invulnerable job security to a workman. Also, no additional conditions of service can be extended during the tenure of service of an employee. That is why the employers are required to protect their right to avoid disastrous consequences. Every commercial establishment or factory is liable to implement one or the other Central or State Government enactments in respect of labour laws. Connect Professional provides you a distinctive and absolute way to get rid of all your labour law related problems such as provident fund (PF), employee state insurance corporation (ESIC) and labour welfare fund etc.. We are committed to provide satisfactory services to the customers by delivering prompt & quality output at value prices. Our end-to-end service includes: Licensing and Registration under various labour laws (PF, ESIC, etc.), Calculation of periodical liability & preparation of Payment Challans accordingly, Documentations, Maintenance of Records & Statutory Registers, Preparation and Submission of Periodical Statutory Reports, Correspondence & Compliance with officials whenever required, Attend periodical Statutory Inspections held by the Officials, and other allied labour law related services.

Company Law Services

Company Law compliance is governed by the provisions of The Companies Act 1956. It is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted in 1956, which enabled companies to be formed by registration and set out the responsibilities of companies, their directors and secretaries. Company Law Compliance is now viewed as a separate service because of its complexity and because it is quite time consuming. We help firms interpret and comply with the rules and regulations in order for them to continue to operate in their chosen sectors. We offer services under corporate laws and compliances like promotion, formation and incorporation of companies and related matters including choice of type of company, name availability, drafting of Memorandum and Article of Association and other documents and registration with the Registrar of Companies.

There are many sections of the Companies Act where we are in a position to provide guidance and/or assistance with interpretation pertaining to Company Law Consultancy Services offered by us includes: Incorporation of Private & Public Limited companies, Incorporation of Companies Under Section 25 (Non-Profit Companies), Incorporation of Government & Semi- Government companies, Consultancy in Takeovers, Mergers & Acquisitions, Consultancy in demerger, winding up & Liquidation, Consultancy in IPO, Filing and Registrations, Day to day Compliances, etc.

Business Start-up Services

Business start-up consulting services are designed to offer advise to start-up and newly formed companies, from inception of an idea through the growth of a successful business. Our start-up business consultants offer unique expertise that blends diverse entrepreneurial experience, real business insight and practical solutions. The most useful time to seek professional business advice and support is before starting. The start-up of any business is the beginning of critical steps and investments. It is to an advantage to have experienced business consultants assist from the beginning of a venture in the proper set-up. Starting up a business already has it's challenges, there is not a need to make mistakes as a start-up company just due to lack of knowledge. Our business start-up consultants take the mystery out of the start-up process for our clients that can be the most paralyzing for a start-up company. We guide our client's through the start-up process enabling them to focus on their long-term business vision. Start-up consultants are tasked with a multitude of responsibilities from strategy, planning, to the setup of the legal business structures such as proprietorship firm, partnership firm, limited liability partnership firm, limited or private limited company, trust, society, protecting company names, establishing general business presence, Internet presence, and simply getting everything started and developing business momentum on behalf of the client. This service includes: Mapping for business start-up process, Drafting standard operating procedures, Registrations and statutory compliances, Setting up of support departments (administration, accounts, HR, back office, billing, etc.), Assistance in manpower staffing, etc.

Finance Consultancy Services

Financial planning is a continuous process of managing your finances as per a prescribed road map in such a manner, that your financial goals over your life span are met. The crux of this process is to plan your goals, set the time frame to attain these goals and then work towards attaining these goals with the use of available resources, which are your income and your assets. We offer money management advice to people and businesses. Most people employ us for guidance on how to reach long-term financial goals. Organizations also work with us to make sure their business plans are financially viable and to manage money programs for employees. This service includes: Provides advice on financial arrangement to various business houses, It involves appraisal of projects, preparation of project report and liaison with term lending institutions, financial institutions, bankers for arrangement of short-term and long-term funds, Consultation about deployment of surplus funds and decision regarding short term and long-term investment policy, Preparation of detailed project report, Technical consultancy, Liasoning with banks for project finance, Assistance in availing finance, Assistance in availing subsidies and grants, Assistance in availing venture capital and equity, etc.

Investment Consultancy Services

Investment is always a trade-off between reward and risk. The higher the risk, the higher is the potential for return, and vice versa. We provide investment consultancy services for optimum allocation of our client’s funds in order to receive constant increasing returns and to achieve their financial goals & needs. We cater to individual needs that suits our individual as well as corporate clients, who wants to do tax planning along with portfolio management. Our target is to deliver the best risk adjusted return which we achieve through diversified investment style. This service includes: Tax Planning Investment Services, Financial Investment Planning Services, Property Investment Services, Mutual Fund Investment Services, Insurance Risk Cover Services, etc.

Virtual Finance Controller Services

Large businesses have dedicated staff to handle the various functions within the business. Small businesses on the other hand are often run by one or two key people. These key people are responsible for sales, marketing, finance, human resources, etc. A small business may like the idea of having more staff that is specially trained to handle each of these functions but it’s just not economically viable. For instance, to keep the finance function running smoothly and progressing to the point where financial information is used to expand and grow the business is a full-time job (or several full-time jobs) in a larger organisation. The small business may only require someone for a few hours a week or a month to optimize their finance function in the same way. Even if you have a team of in-house accountants but lack the high end skills of an experienced finance professional, it is not necessary to commit to high fixed cost by hiring one fulltime. An out-sourced or virtual financial controller is an optimum solution. This is where a virtual financial controller can help. The virtual financial controller can provide you with financial reports that are meaningful and advise you, for example, on what your best selling products are, or perhaps where you may be able to cut costs. This service goes beyond bookkeeping and traditional, compliance only, end-of-year accounting, your virtual financial controller is interested in helping your business thrive! This service includes: Start-up Assistance, Cost control, Reporting and compliance, Transition assistance, Strategic planning, Year-round virtual CFO Service (fixed-price), Mentoring and training, Turn-around management, Policies cum procedures and controls, Software reviews and evaluations, Inventory reduction advisory service, Bank financing assessments & sourcing, Capital structure evaluations & recommendations, Project management, Corporate governance, assessment & Recommendations, Board of directors & investee representation etc.

Customs and Excise Services

The Indian Revenue Service has two wings, one being Income Tax and the other Customs and Central Exercise duty. The Indian Customs and Central Excise Service are essentially concerned with two main aspects, largely Customs and Excise. While Customs is concerned with the checking and charge of duty on taxable goods brought into the country, the Excise department is involved with the taxation of goods manufactured within the country. We provide assistance in the field of Excise and Customs by planning out a reliable system which functions within the ambit of Excise & Customs rules and also effectively reducing tax incidence. We also assist in Excise registration, Customs bonding, 100% EOU registration and licenses under the Export Import Policy. This service includes: Obtaining registration for excise and customs, Submission Of Returns, Availment of cenvat credit in respect of input services, inputs and capital goods, Maintenance of registers and records, Handling of issues related to central excise audit and customs audit, Handling of issues related to anti-evasion, enforcement, preventive, DGCEI, etc., Filing of refund claims and obtaining refunds from the Department, Responding to queries and show cause notices from the Departments, Appearing before the Adjudication Authorities and handling the adjudication proceedings, Drafting of and filing of appeals and handling hearings and other matters before the Appellate Authorities including the CESTAT, Advisory services in terms of central excise and customs, Handling issues related to central excise matters including issues related to classification, filing of returns, etc., Handling issues related to customs levies, Handling refunds of Special Auxiliary Duties (‘SAD’), Moving to Special Economic Zone (‘SEZ’), Handling issues related to Special Valuation Bench (‘SVB’) matters, etc.

Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing is the practices of using outside firms to handle work normally performed within a company it is a familiar concept to many intrepreneurs. Many companies routinely outsource their important functions often because they have no other choice. Most of the companies turn to outsourcing to cut costs. In response, entire industries have to serve companies. To meet your operational and strategic objectives, Connect Professional offers a range of flexible account outsourcing solutions to optimize service levels, reduce and improve cost structures, and strengthen competitive positioning. Outsourcing can also make your more attractive to investors, since you are able to pump more capital directly into revenue-producing activates. Outsourcing enables cost savings, additional flexibility, higher degree of focus and increased transparency. These services are structured to suit an individual client’s need and requirement. This service is meant to manage complete accounting functions of an organization.

Payroll Process Management Services

Whether you have 2 employees or 20,000, you still need to deal with taxes, wage garnishing, bonuses and multiple locations. While the needs of every organization are unique, one thing is consistent: payroll is complicated and must be done correctly and efficiently. Designed to automate and organize data flow through your payroll department, our software is completely adaptable to the needs of your organization and gives you the control necessary to deliver dependable, consistent results. Flexible and easy-to-use, Connect Professional Payroll provides secure payroll processing with unlimited earnings, taxes, benefits, deductions and net pay information. Your company’s critical information flows automatically and securely through your payroll process, minimizing the risk of error and the administrator’s valuable time. This service includes: Create and maintain employee personal details and salary masters, Investment declaration and proofs verification included in payroll processing, Monthly payroll processing, Customisable earnings and deduction codes, Provision for arrears computation, Full and Final Settlement, Provisional Form 16, Statutory filing services, Recovery of company loans and employee welfare scheme deductions, etc.