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What we are?

Connect Professional Corporate Advisory Services Private Limited is not in conventional accountancy practice. Our years of experience, skills and resources enable us to undertake a broad spectrum of work, in many instances going beyond the boundaries of the conventional Finance function. It is a consulting firm that offers services to clientele that aspire to establish or expand business in India. We assist clients, right from Business Evolution, Business Maintenance and Business Expansion by offering customised solutions at all stages of business. It is established with the objective of providing wide range of services in accounting, audit support, income tax, valueadded tax, central sales tax, service tax, profession tax, luxury tax, labour law, company law, business start-up, finance consultancy, investment consultancy, virtual finance controller, custom and excise, outsourcing and payroll management services. Growing business with over twelve years of experience working for and on behalf of a number of companies company has the experience to develop an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of manufacturing, distribution, service and public sectors. Everyone at connect professional are competent leader with strong analytical and decision-making capabilities and works efficiently to deliver effective and high quality business solutions. We strive to offer our clients a fulfilling experience by providing a wide range of services as separate products or as a collaborated effort, based on each client's requirements.

How we are?

The company is managed by highly competent professionals with more than 12 years of cumulative experience at the decision making level to help clients to run their businesses smoothly by concentrating on their core activities rather than investing time on the cumbersome peripheral processes of business establishment and development. We believe in developing dedicated partnerships with our clients by offering highly customised and timely solutions to help them run their operations smoothly.

Who we are?

The company is managed and run by a team of highly dedicated, qualified & skilled professionals  includes Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries,  Tax Consultants, Investment Advisors, Financial Advisors and so on with the right blend of knowledge, people skills and technology and high-level service initiatives. The team not only takes on the responsibility of performing the outsourced function or process, but also re-engineers the way it is done for best results.

How we do?

The company strives to excel clients’ expectations to provide sustainable and effective business solutions through our unique service delivery and provide appropriate, timely and quality solutions for clients’ peripheral activities so that they can concentrate on the core of their business. The team of experts assist clients in different aspects of business so as to help them efficiently cut costs, eliminate redundant activities and procedures, improve organisational systems, people and practices, among other benefits. By diverse experience in Accounting, Taxation, Compliances, Finance and Investments we are competent leaders with strong analytical and decision making capabilities who can work effectively to deliver efficient and high quality business solutions at every stage of business development. It possess expertise from different industries with global exposure and numerous years of experience and embrace challenges to provide pertinent solutions to all our clients and ensure that the clients receive high quality services and value their customer feedback to excel ourselves. The company perform a detailed analysis of every service, be it registration, accounting, return filing, advise or any other service that offer and diligently work towards developing and improving our clients’ businesses.

Why us?





  • The company headed by qualified and successful business leaders,
  • The team consists of highly skilled, experience, qualified accountants and other professionals,
  • Excellent infrastructure with latest technology and bandwidth,
  • Ability to scale up operations to match demands,
  • Flexibility to suit varying needs & dynamics,
  • Quick turn-around time & Quality output,
  • Secure work environment,
  • Work experience & expertise on widely used accounting software and many more….. 


The company vision is to foster entrepreneurial growth by helping people with entrepreneurial potential to realize their dreams.


The company s’ mission is to provide under one roof, a bouquet of services from the set of accounting, taxation, business setup, outsourcing, finance and other consultancy through their dedicated teams and associates with the  on going support of various concept and other partners.